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  about Lustroware

Lustroware was the representative brand of the Plastic Products Division of Borden Chemical, Inc. Wefve described it in the past tense because this division of the company no longer exists in the U.S.A. However, since first entering into our business partnership with Borden in 1968, we have succeeded in establishing Lustrowarefs roots across Japan. Throughout this time, we have succeeded in keeping the original Lustroware philosophy alive.


imageIn 1968, the branding of products with international licenses was rare in Japan. When we pioneered the era by using this technology to introduce advanced quality control and quality assurance systems, we completely transformed the image of plastic products.

From the outset, we have been offering a wide range of bath, cleaning and kitchen products. Moreover, our manufacturing expertise continues to excel.

Of course, todayfs Lustroware products benefit from the technical cooperation provided by Rubbermaid Inc., the large U.S. manufacturer. Lustroware has continued to evolve and grow as an original brand representing a fusion of materials.

We remain dedicated to creating products that meet our customersf expectations through our commitment to providing convenience that remains ahead of the market.

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